Something to cheer about. Special BarCamp Tees will be provided to the participants.


A Special Thanks to KoolKampus for sponsoring the T-shirts.

So be there on time to claim your BarCamp MU T-shirt (Limited Edition) 😀

Looking forward to meet everyone.

You still have time to inform your friends


The coming Sunday, 11th of February 2007, we’ve the BarCamp Mumbai – University Level @ KJ Somaiya Coll. of Engg, Vidyavihar.

Final preparations are on in order to make the event a grand success. (Read – Sponsors, Getting more interested fellas, More proposed sessions and obviously more participants)

Wondering what a BarCamp is? Your understanding of this concept would be clearer as you read on…

I am sure you must’ve attended a conference sometime in your life. You also know it is a properly planned event with a concrete schedule and fixed list of events, speakers.

The BarCamp can be better described as an un-conference. As an analogy, consider the Internet today. Most of the websites give power to the users who in turn have much influence on the content. The BarCamp concept is also flexible, giving power to the participants, who can speak, discuss and share their knowledge on the go.

Unlike conferences, the speakers here can expect to have a group discussion. Speakers can even find themselves turning into audience! Its just like a get-together of sane, insane techies, g33ks, nerds , professionals who want to network and want to learn new stuff

Due to the informal nature of this event, great ideas pour in and people have more freedom to voice their opinions and views.

Got some interesting stuff to show? Maybe a website,demo,software or a presentation? Come display it and discuss it with fellow peers who might be interested. The topics can be from a wide spectrum, usually technological.

A typical talk/demo/presentation/discussion can last for 30-45 mins. (It can be more.. but take care not to scare away the audience!)

If you want to check out BarCamps already conducted, have a look at BarCampMumbai, BarCampDelhi. You’ll get a feel of how a BarCamp is really like.

I hope this helps you to comprehend what a BarCamp is. So be there on 11th February 2007 @ KJS. More details on the Wiki.

I look forward to meeting everyone.

Ashutosh Deo

**Update: As of now, 32 users have registered on the Wiki and a total of 5 sessions are proposed. I am sure the number is gonna go upwards in the coming days.

So finally, BarCampMU is deifinitely happening.

Venue: K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering

Date: 11th Feb 2007

Time: 11 AM

Now let’s get some sponsors, so everyone can have lunch!

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